N.N. Rimzon

( Born in 1957, Kakkoor, Kerala, India )

1982 – National Diploma in Sculpture (fiveYears Course) from Govt.College of FineArts, Thiruvananthapuram.
1982 – B F A in Sculpture, University of Kerala, Govt. College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram.
1984 – Joined in M.S. University of Baroda for M.A. in Sculpture, studied three years, in the Faculty of Fine Arts.
1989 – M.A. in Sculpture with distinction from Royal College of Arts, London, U.K.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1991 – Recent Sculpture and Drawings,Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1993 – Sculpture and Drawings,Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1993 – N.N. Rimzon. Gallerie School (F.I.A.) Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 2004 – December 19, January 8. 2005, N.N. Rimzon,Works on paper, Kashi Art Gallery, Mattanchery, Kochi.
  • 2007 – “Seven Oceans and the unnumbered Start” Sculptures and Works on paper, Bodhi Art Limited, New York.
  • 2009 – “BEING, SPIRIT OR GHOST”, Gallery OED, Cochin.

Group Exhibitions

  • 1984 – “NavadeepAward” Hitusing Visual Arts Center,Ahmedabad.
  • 1985 – “Seven Young Sculptors’ Curated by Vivan Sundaram, Kasuali Arts Center, Rabindra havan, New Delhi.
  • 1984 – Sixth Triennial International, New Delhi.
  • 1986 – Two Person Show (With Surendren Nair) Gallery 7, Mumbai.
  • 1987 – Six contemporary Artists from India, Center D’ Art Contemporarian, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 1988 – F-Festival of Mumbai – A panorama of Indian Sculpture, Nehru Center, Mumbai.
  • 1988 – Revelations Black II, Gillion Art Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • 1989 – 40th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights,Works on paper, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 1991 – The Fourth Havana Biennial International, Cuba
  • 1991 – Artists against communalism –Words and images, Sahmat, New Delhi and fifteen other Indian cities.
  • 1992 – “Artists for Cuba” works on paper, National committee for solidarity with Cuba, L.T.G. Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1993 – “Critical Reference” Contemporary Art from India, an Aberstwyth Arts Center touring exhibition in collaboration with the Show room,London, Chapter Arts Center,Cardiff. Aberstwyth Arts Center, Oriel Mostyn, Lladudno. Camden Arts Center, London. Blue Coat Art Gallery, Liverpool, Huddersfield City Art Gallery, U.K.
  • 1993 – Contemporary Indian Art at Le’Corbusier Exhibition Les Salines are et Senans (France) and Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • 1993 – PROSPECT – 93, An International exhibition of Art, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • 1993 – “India Songs Multiple Streams in contemporary Indian Art,Art Gallery of New South Wales,Sydney,Travelled toWollong City Gallery,Orange Regional Gallery, Canberra School of Arts Gallery and Campbelltown City Art Gallery.
  • 1993 – “Trends and Images” Center for International Modern Art Kolkata.
  • 1993 – IN BETWEEN Collaboration with two Turkish artists, A project for XLVVenice Biennial, Italy and traveled to other European Cities.
  • 1994 – HUNDRED YEARS: From the National Gallery of Modern Art Collection: Curated by Geeta Kapur, N G M A, New Delhi.
  • 1994 – “Art for Children’s Sake” Mobile Creches,The Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi.
  • 1994 – Deutsche Bank Collection, Exhibition, Mumbai.
  • 1995 – “Art and Nature” Exhibition of open air installations at the Buddha Jayanty Park, Organised by Max Mueller Bhavan in collaboration with Japan Foundation and Lalit Kala Akademi, at New Delhi.
  • 1995 – CONFIGURA – 2 DIALOG DER KULTUREN, Erfurt, Germany.
  • 1995 – “Recent Trends in Contemporary Indian Art”. Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1995 – Contemporary Indian Art: Foundation for India Artists, London, U.K.
  • 1995 – Post Card for Gandhi, A Sahmat Exhibition Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi. Pondole Gallery, Mumbai, Gallery 88, Calcutta, Alliance Francaise, Chennai Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore and Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.
  • 1995 – “SCULPTURE – 95″ Presented by Gallery Espasce, Rabindra Bhavan Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1995- -“THE OTHER SELF” The National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and Stdlijk Museum/Bureau, Amsterdam, in collaboration with Foundation for Indian Artists and Works on paper at Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1996 – Udaya Shankar Festival Arts, Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi.
  • 1996 – “Traditions/ Tensions” Contemporary Art in Asia.The Asia Society Gallery, New York. U.S.A. Traveled to Montreal, Canada.Art Gallery of Western Austerali. Perth.Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taiwan.
  • 1996 – THE NEW SOUTH – Contemporary painting and sculpture from South India Arnolfini Gallery Bristol and Middlesborough Art Gallery U.K.
  • 1996 – The Second Asia – Pacific Triennial of contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane,Australia.
  • 1996 – “Fire and Life” One month residency with David Janzes from Australia at the Sanskriti Kendra and Exhibition at Rabindra Bhavan Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1997 – “New Shoes for Mercury” Five Contemporary Artists Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • 1997 – “Fire & Life” One month residency at Canberra School of Arts and the Exhibition at Canberra Arts School Gallery, Australia.
  • 1997 – Post-independence Contemporary Art of India, Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 1997 – Die Anderen Moderns: Contemporary Art form Africa. Asia and Latin America, How der kulturen wer welt, Berlin, Germany.
  • 1997 – Major Trends in Indian art since 1947’ Lalit Kala Academi, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi, regional Centres, Chennai and Mumbai.
  • 1997 – “Gift for India” Sahmat, Rabindra Bhavan Gallery, New Delhi, Artists Center Max Mueller Bhavan and Chemould Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 1997 – Tryst with Destiny:Art from India 1947 – 1997, Singapore Art Museum.
  • 1997 – “Out of India” contemporary Art of the South Asian Diaspora, Queens Museum of Art, New York. U.S.A.
  • 1998 – “The Edge of Awareness” Art of the world, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of World Health Organisation, exhibitions held in Geneva, New York, Sao Paulo, and New Delhi.
  • 1998 – “The Presence of the Past” an Exhibition of response by Indian artists to The ‘Enduring Images’ at Jehangir Nicoholson Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 1998 – “Private Mythology” Contemporary art from India ‘The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1999 – “Icons of the Millennium” Lakeeran Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2000 – “Combine – Voices for the new century” Organised by the Gallery Alternative in collaboration with the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.
  • 2000 – The Southern Paradigm’ Artists from Kerala, Lakeeran gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2000 – Art in Nature: A Site specific installation at Thiruvananthapuram. Supported by Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.
  • 2002 – A Album of Drawings:Works on paper by Dravidia Art and Performance Gallery, Fort Kochi, Kerala.
  • 2002 – “ART SOUTH ASIA” Programme of visual Culture from Bangladesh, India Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Manchester Art Gallery, North – West England, U.K.
  • 2003 – “Remembering Bhupen….” Homage to late Bhupen Khakkar, Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi.
  • 2003 – “Sub Terrain” Body – City – Sitting contemporary culture in India by Geeta Kapur, House of World Culture, Berlin, Germany.
  • 2004 – “Aspects of Kerala” Exhibition of Painting to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Suryakanti Art Gallery, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • 2004, 05, 06 – Open Eyed Dreams: an exhibition of Contemporary Art, Durbar hall Art Center, Ernakulam.
  • 2005 – Edge of Desire: Recent Art in India, Curated by Chaitanya Sambrani, Perth Cultural Center, Art Gallery of Western Australia. Asia Society Gallery and Queens Museum, New York U.S.A.
  • 2005 – Recent Works by Alex Mathew, Justin Ponmany and N.N. Rimzon, Presented by Aditya Ruia, Bombay Art Gallery Mumbai.
  • 2005 – “The Artists Lives And Works in Baroda/Bombay/ Calcutta/ Mysore/Rotterdam/’Trivandrum’ House ofWorld Culture,Berlin,Germany.
  • 2005 – “Double Enders” Curated by Bose Krishnamachari at Jehangir & Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai, Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi, Gallery Sumukhya, Bangalore and Durbar hall Art Centre, Kochi.
  • 2006 – Group Show, Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
  • 2006 – Group Show, Open eyed Dreams, Durbar hall Art Centre, Kochi.
  • 2006 – ‘Shadow Lines’ A group show of Drawings,Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 2006 – ‘The Human Figure’ a group show of Sculpture, organised by Threshold Gallery, New Delhi at Rabindra Bhavan.
  • 2006 -‘Busan Biennel – Out door Sculpture Project,‘Busan, South Korea.
  • 2007 – ‘Representation’ Contemporary Indian Art,Triva Contemporary, Vyloppilly Bhavan,Trivandrum.
  • 2007 – “Convergence” International Exhibition of Art,Vam Art Inc. Vayloppilly Bhavan,Trivandrum.
  • 2007 – Ltd. Edn. Recent Sculptures by Indian contemporaries, Gallery Threshold, New Delhi.
  • 2007 – 10 “Light” Years, Kashi Art Annual Exhibition,Kochi,Kerala.
  • 2010 – “Earth”, Gallery OED, Cochin.
  • 2010 – “Looking glass”, Religare art limited.